Long ago there were nine cyborg warriors who came to save humanity
whenever the world fell into crisis.

These warriors wore red suits and yellow scarves and were known as
the 00 Cyborgs. Through their efforts peace was returned to the world,
but thereafter their existence slowly faded from human memory……

However, time has passed and the world has started to plunge into
chaos once more…….

February 26, 2013.
The nine warriors gather from around the world. That which does not
end, cannot begin anew. As the world comes to an end, a new hero
will be born……

©2012 「009 RE:CYBORG」製作委員会

Eureka Seven: AO

Set in 2025, Ao Fukai is just a normal boy living on the island of Okinawa,
having never known his father and a mother who vanished a decade ago.
All this changes when a mysterious organisation attacks Okinawa and Ao
activates a robot, which once belonged to his mother, Eureka.


Priestess of the Phoenix

In hopes of a great reward, Natsu and the rest of Fairy Tail responds to a
request to apprehend the leader of a bandit group. Due to Lucy's errors,
the bandit leader escapes but finds herself face to face with a amnesic
girl named Éclair and her bird, Momon. Éclair all but remembers her task
of delivering a stone somewhere. What awaits Fairy Tail in the adventure?

©Hiro Mashima / KODANSHA, Fairy Tail Movie Production Guild.
All Rights Reserved.


One of Go Nakanishi's latest works, "K" will be aired soon and features
an all-star line-up of voice actors and actresses.

One interesting factoid about this anime has been the unique approach
that has been used to promote the anime. All promotion on the anime
so far has only been done through promotional videos that have yet to
touch on the actual premise of the show. Despite all this, the show has
proven to be quite popular with many anime fans!

At AFA12, there will be a cosplay competition focusing on the title and
the grand prize is a trip to Japan for a future "K" event as an official cosplayer!



Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Without a doubt one of the most groundbreaking anime of our
time, Madoka Magi will always leave an impression amongst
those who watched it.

After encountering a mysterious girl who has saved her from
eldritch entities, Madoka Kaname is told by a whited furred
creature that she has the power to save the world by
becoming a magical girl. All she has to do is to form a
contract and everything will be alright...

Madoka Magica will be bringing to a whole level of
excitement in November!


©Magica Quartet/Aniplex, Madoka Movie Project

Road to Ninja
Naruto the Movie

The ninth movie in the long running series of Naruto movie, Road to Ninja,
traces Naruto's struggle with a mysterious power sealed within him.
The very man who caused the power within him to go berserk many years
ago has began an attack, using the powers of illusions to take over the world.
Under those illusions, Naruto enters a world where everything is opposite
and his parents, alive.

©2002 Masahi Kishimoto / 2007 Shippuden © NMP 2012