Making use of the latest technology, comes EGOIST's Virtual Live. With vocalist, chelly, singing live, EGOIST will be performing at AFA.

EGOIST is a fictional artiste produced by ryo of supercell. The vocalist, chelly (17 years old at that point of time), was chosen from over 2000 applicants. Their singles, "Departures ~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta~" and "The Everlasting Guilty Crown" became a huge topic of discussion when both entered the Oricon weekly charts in the top 10. After that, the full album "Extra Terrestrial Biological Entities" also entered into the top 10. EGOIST is now a phenomenon widely discussed not only in Japan but all around the world.


Hachioji P

With over 8 million views, Hachioji P is dubbed as the 'Prince of Vocaloid music' on Japan's popular video sharing site 'Nico Nico Douga', and is a an internationally recognized music creator, remixer and DJ of Vocaloid music. Hachioji P's representative works 'Sweet Devil' and 'Electric Love' were made through a collaboration with MMD(Miku Miku Dance) and Producer Wakamura P. By having a distinctive style in producing dance music-based electric sounds and high quality video, this instantly pushed Hachioji P into Vocaloid World's Hall of Fame. Over the years, his growing popularity is evident as his works has been featured on shows such as NHK's Weekly News, Good Morning Japan and Mr Sunday. He has also found success in places in Taiwan, where 'Sweet Devil' and 'Electric Love' ranked 4th and 3rd respectively on their K-Pop/J-Pop charts. He released the newest album "ViViD WAVE" from TOY'S FACTORY in July 17, 2013.

Hachioji P has also collaborated with famous creators such as kz of livetune for the Playstation Vita software 'Hatsune Miku – Project DIVA –f' with the split release of 'Weekender Girl' and 'Fake Doll'. More recently, he has been involved in producing work for real vocalists such as Shouko Nakagawa, Hikari Shiina. He has also done arrangement work for Yuu Kikkawa, Mayu Watanabe(AKB48) and Aya Hirano. Being pro-active, he has been featured at various concerts and conventions, including Rock in Japan Festival 2012 and Countdown Japan 2012. Overseas, he has played at Italy's Lucca Comics and Games and Singapore's Anime Festival Asia as well. He recently performed at Hawaii's Kawaii Kon and Mexico's Expo TNT, Australia's Vocaloid Night.



livetune is the solo project created by the fantastic genius, music producer "kz". In 2007, he first came across the software called Vocaloid and "Hatsune Miku". He made his own music using the software, and uploaded them to share on the internet, for example, on a famous website in Japan called Niconico Douga. He became very HOT in an instant. In 2008, he made his major debut, and contnued to use Hatsune Miku as his great partner and made lot of great songs. For example, he made the song "Tell Your World", for Google Chrome, which was the theme song of the "Google Chrome×Hatsune Miku" project's TV commercial. Not only in Japan, the song was a hit throughout the world, capturing more than 4 million views when the song was uploaded to the internet.

In March 2012, he released his mini album "Tell Your World EP" and charted on the Oricon chart at 4th place. This year, he was invited by the one of Lady Gaga's producers, ZEDD, to do the remix version of "Spectrum feat. Matthew Koma (livetune Remix feat. Hatsune Miku)". He also made the theme song "Last Night, Good Night(Re:Dialed)" for Takashi Murakami's (a great artist in Japan) directorial debut, "Mememe no Kurage". Furthermore, the compilation of livetune's music, the album "Re:Dial" was released too. Based on the electro sound, with exciting bits, livetune will keep create more and more high qualities' music for us, and for the whole world.




motsu x DJ KAYA

motsu (ex:m.o.v.e/ALTIMA) is the party MC who keeps rocking the Anisong and Japan culture events all over the world. DJ KAYA has hyped up the crowds at overseas events using hit medleys from Anisong, VOCALOID, J-POP and dance music. The hottest Japanese Party MC and Party DJ have united to create a fever-pitched experience. This dream team is now available for everyone who wants to dance with the current Japanese music scene.


He went to the US when he was 22 and taught himself to rap and dance. He debuted as the leader of "MORE DEEP,"a dance unit in 1990.He joined m.o.v.e in 1997. Besides being a member of m.o.v.e, he wrote music and lyrics for V6, Kumi Koda and AAA, etc. He also contributed to Every Little Thing and Ayumi Hamasaki's remix albums. Using his native English ability as his weapon, he continued to work extensively as an English lyricist, apparel designer, etc. Since he (as a member of m.o.v.e) produced all of the opening songs for the popular TV animation "Initial D," he has performed in the world's biggest animation song festival "Animelo Summer Live" for 6 years in a row since 2007. These performances lead him to appear in Yukari Tamura's song as a featured artist. Also in 20011, he produced a new unit called "ALTIMA" with Maon Kurosaki and fripSide's sat. Then he continued to play an active role in the animation song scene by writing theme songs for popular animation such as "Shakugan no Shana" and "Accel World", etc.

In 2012, he served as MC and had the honor of closing at the first day of "Animelo Summer Live." m.o.v.e held it's farewell live show on March 16th 2013 marking his last day with the group. However, his unique performance skill that he cultivated since the beginning of the Japanese rap/dance music scene continues to gain momentum as it boosts audiences across borders and genres. A pioneer, Motsu held many concerts in countries outside of Japan such as Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Taiwan, Singapore, the US, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden, etc. before other artists. His success with those concerts were instrumental in sharpening his skill as a performer.


Japanese all-round trendsetting DJ. Total sales of compilation albums he has been involved with have reached more than a million copies. He is known as a dance floor hacker with his unique genreless style. At J-POP nights held in Tokyo clubs such as Atom and Camelot, thousand audiences gathered despite the fact that these were weekday events. As for productions he has succeeded to set May J. "Garden" (UNITED COLORS Remix) as a classic for Japanese club scene. Soon after he contributed a remix track for Japanese pop dance group EXILE. This classic has been played numerous times by DJs. In 2010, he has teamed up with rhythm zone - Japanese record label in the Avex Records Group. As a project organiser, he started JAPANATION and released two mix CDs "JAPANATION" and "JAPANATION 2nd floor". He has played at Korean EXPO and Swedish Anime and Manga convention UppCon in 2012 while playing as a resident DJ at Atom, Camelot and Axxcis - all located in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Asian Pop Collective


Valerie / Asian Pop Collective (APC)

Born 14th February. Singaporean.

In 2010, at the largest annual Japanese pop culture themed event in South East Asia held in Singapore, "Anime Festival Asia (AFA)", Valerie was scouted as a result of her overwhelming presence at the maid cafe held within the event. In 2011, She debuted as part of Sea*A, an anisong idol group with a a great passion for Japanese pop culture revolving around anime, anisong, cosplay, idols and figures etc. Sea*A was selected to provide the theme songs for anime such as "Cardfight! Vanguard", "Toriko","Arashi no yoru ni: Himitsu no Tomodachi"and "Cardfight! Vanguard: Asian Circuit-hen". In 2013, as a result of new direction for each member in the group, Sea*A was disbanded. Valerie continues as an solo act as part of the Asian Pop Collective, based in Singapore. Currently, she is the regular emcee for the AFA official YouTube channel's program "WOW JAPAN", winning people over with her comforting smile, 2D moe voice as well as an neverending passion. She is a Asian Pop Idol, aiming to spread her unique viewpoint on Japanese Pop Culture related to Anime, Anisong, Cosplay, Idols and figures etc.

Valerie is also singing AFA13's theme song! View more details here!


Eir Aoi

Hottest up-coming female vocalist in Japan, singing Anime theme songs of "Fate/Zero", "Sword Art Online" & "GUNDAM AGE". Her 1st full album "BLAU" is out now!

Having an impressive and beautiful voice, Eir Aoi was selected to sing the ending song for TV-anime "Fate/Zero", which was released as her debut single "MEMORIA" on October 19, 2011. This single ranked in 8th on the Oricon single weekly chart. On April 11, 2012, Eir released "Prayer" (a tribute album for Servants appearing in "Fate/Zero"), and had a live event for the first time in her career on May 27 of the same year in Tokyo.

After the first live, she has experienced several big live events such as "ANIMELO SUMMER LIVE 2012", and released her 2nd Single "AURORA" (opening song for TV-anime "GUNDAM AGE") on September 5th. On November 21, her 3rd single "INNOCENCE" (opening song for TV-anime "Sword-Art Online") was released and reached 6th place on Oricon single weekly ranking chart.

In 2013, Eir presented her 1st full-length album "BLAU" on Jan 30, which reached 4th on Oricon album weekly ranking chart. In March, Eir was invited to "SAKURA-CON" at Seattle, U.S.A, and made her first overseas live performance in front of an audience of 5000. She is absolutely the hottest female vocalist right now in Japan, and perhaps she will come to your country soon!

Notable anime series involved in:
Fate/Zero, Gundam AGE, Sword Art Online



LiSA first came to prominence through the hit anime TV series, "Angel Beats!" in 2010 where her vocal abilities shone through her role as the 2nd generation vocalist for the band within the series, "Girls Dead Monster." Subsequent releases under the band's name ranked high on the Oricon charts, steadily growing in popularity and fame.

The following year, LiSA made her debut as a solo artist with a mini-album in 2011 and enjoyed further success in chart performance. Her next releases included major tie-ups with anime series, including the iconic "oath sign" for the series "Fate/Zero" and "crossing field" for the hugely popular "Sword Art Online" series, strengthening her popularity in both the anime and pop rock world.

LiSA's fanbase continues to grow exponentially in and outside of Japan, thanks to her infectious, energetic live performances, friendly, down-to-earth disposition, and cute sense of fashion. All eyes are on this definite artist to watch!

Notable anime series involved in:
Angel Beats!, Fate/Zero, Sword Art Online


Milky Holmes

Made up of Suzuko Mimori, Sora Tokui, Mikoi Sasaki and Izumi Kitta, Milky Holmes is the representative unit of the hit anime and PSP game Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, performing both the theme songs and voicing the main characters.

The unit was formed in 2010 and performed in Animelo Summer Live at Saitama Super Arena in August the same year. During Anime Festival Asia X, the four performed to a sell-out crowd during their main stage segment.

In 2011, Milky Holmes embarked on a sell-out nation-wide tour of Japan, performing in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. They released their third mini-album in August and in September, a live DVD of their performance in Yokohama BLITZ was released. Furthermore in 2012, they had a solo performance at the famous Budokan in Japan.

With the anime returning for a 3rd season in 2013, Milky Holmes also made a return appearance, performing at Animelo Summer Live once again. Now you can join in on the fun as well! Join Milky Holmes as they perform and dance along to their choreography!



The artist "May'n" is derived from her real name, and it demonstrates her hope to always "sing songs that will be everyone's main theme." In 2008, she performed as a singing voice of Diva of the Galaxy, Sheryl Norm, in the TV anime "Macross Frontier." She released 2 singles in the same year which instantly became big hits, each placing in the Top 3 on the Oricon Weekly Chart. The mini-album "May'n*Street" released in January 2009, was achieved the 2nd place on the Oricon Weekly Chart, since that, all of May'n's releases have consistently entered the top music sales charts.

In January 2010, May'n performed her first solo Budokan concert, which sold all tickets out in only 1 day. In March 2010, she held her first tour of Asia, followed in July by a 17 city summer tour of Japan. Her irresistible singing skills and unique voice makes everybody impressed. She works passionately on her live shows in Japan and overseas to deliver her songs directly.

May'n was chosen to record the theme song for the film "InciteMill - 7 Days Death Game-" in Fall 2010. The 3D Live Documentary movie "May'n THE MOVIE - Phonic Nation-" was released nationwide in February 2011. Her second album "If you..." released in the end of February which made the 7th place on the Oricon Weekly Chart. She made a great success holding the second solo Budokan concert in March 2011.

She had a second Asian concert touring 6 cities in 2011. She also participated in the Japanese Culture and Entertainment Festival "Japan Expo 2011" the largest event in Europe, and received the large applause. On March 20, 2012, the special concert "May'n*GO! AROUND!!" was held at Yokohama Arena, and the next day on the 21st, her 3rd album "HEAT" was released. In May 2012, "Chase the world", the opening tune of TV anime "Accel World" was released which recorded the highest sale of her works. From the end of May 2012, the first world-wide concert tour "ROCK YOUR BEATS", was started touring China, Germany, France, Hong Kong and had 34 performances including in Japan. On March 2, 2013, her third solo performance in Budokan was the recent notable success.

Her acoustic tour is scheduled from May 2013, followed by her hall tour starting from October 2013. She fascinates many audiences with her irresistible singing skills and unique voice, continues to be the must-see "New Generation Female Rock Vocalist."

Notable anime series involved in:
Macross Frontier, Shangri La, Ookami-san, Sengoku Basara, Hidan no Aria, Accel World



Making their debut with the opening song of Sci-Fi TV Animation "Stellvia" in 2003, angela has become one of the biggest music acts in the Japanimation scene.

When atsuko's distinctive vocals blended with falsetto and vibrato combined with KATSU's melodic and detailed arrangement, magic of angela comes to life.

Since their debut, their songs have been used for popular animations and have dominated the Oricon chart every new release.

'Fortunes' and 'Rikai to Hakai he no Prelude' are image songs for the theatrical anime "Fafner in the azure HEAVEN AND EARTH", which are both magnificent musical compositions, splendidly capturing a feeling of heroism, transience, cruelty and hope and then angela subsequently released 'Soukyuu' as a theme song of this anime.

Their song "KINGS" was featured as theme song in animation "K", which was broadcasted worldwide simultaneously from October, 2012. They also produced Mikako Komatsu, who sang ending theme of this animation and wrote the songs to her.

Notable anime series involved in:
Sokyuu no Fafner, Seitokai Yakuindomo



ELISA was born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan on April 14. She debuted in 2007, with "euphoric field" which was the opening theme of TV anime "ef - a tale of memories.". With the distinguished singing voice rooted to opera and full of a sense of transparency, ELISA has presented a number of works, and was in charge of theme song of the hit titles of TV anime such as "Hayate the Combat Butler" and "To Aru Kagaku no Railgun". She has left a record of live performances, appearing at Japan's largest anime song festival "Animelo Summer Live" in four consecutive years since 2008 as well as successful large-scale one-man live performances.

In June 2013, "Soba ni Iruyo" was released as a 2nd ending theme of TV anime "Valvrave the Liberator", and her next single "REALISM", also be appointed as a 3rd ending theme of TV anime "Valvrave the Liberator", will be release on 23rd October.

Notable anime series involved in:
Hayate the Combat Butler, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, Valvrave the Liberator



In 1996, Takanori Nishikawa debuted as a solo project with the single "Dokusai –monopolize-". And also released many hit songs like "HEART OF SWORD", "HIGH PRESSURE", "WHITE BREATH", "HOT LIMIT", "INVOKE", "IGNITED", "vestige" and more.

In the same year of his 10th anniversary on year 2006, "abingdon boys school" debuted where he acts as the vocal of the band. In year 2008, he was assigned as the sightseeing ambassador of his birth place Shiga Prefecture. He is also organizing a large scale rock fest called "INAZUMA ROCK FES" every year. Other than as a Singer, he is also act as a voice actor and participates in variety of TV shows. On February 27, 2013, T.M.Revolution released its Self-cover album "UNDER:COVER 2" and had his Japan tour "T.M.R. LIVE REVOLUTION '13 -UNDER:COVER 2- (32 STAGES)" started from June 1 to September 1, 2013.

He had his first overseas concert at "OTAKON 2003", an anime convention held at Baltimore, Maryland, USA. These activities led to the release of his albums worldwide. After 1 year from the OTAKON 2003, he had his 2nd US concert at the "Pacific Media Expo 2004" held in Anaheim, California, USA. In April 2008, he made his appearance in "New York Comic Con" which was held in Javits Center, New York, USA.

He also participated on the recent "Anime Festival Asia 2012" which was held at Singapore Expo on November 9, 2012. On August 10 2013, he made his comeback to USA by participating at the 20th celebration of anime convention "OTAKON 2013" at Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Notable anime series involved in:
Ruroni Kenshin, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Soul Eater, Sengoku Basara

Nana Mizuki


T.M.Revolution X Nana Mizuki

An unrivaled performer whose presence is felt from miles away, T.M. Revolution. A voice actress and singer who boasts immense popularity, Mizuki Nana. Between them they have been involved in countless anime productions. In a revolutionary collaboration, these two giants unite to perform the opening song for Sunrise's new TV series 'Kakumeiki Valvrave', titled 'Preserved Roses'!

Nana Mizuki

While she breathed life into characters as a voice actress, she made her debut as an artiste in 2000 with a single titled 'Omoi'. Doing voice-overs and narration for foreign movies and working as a radio personality ― she ranks in the top class of Japan's voice actresses. Recognized for her unmatched singing ability and legendary stage performance, she invokes enthusiasm in her numerous fans from all around the world.

Mobilizing 80,000 fans in 2 days for her Tokyo Dome performances at the end of 2011, she has succeeded at filling huge venues like stadiums and arenas with her solo concerts. Since 2009, she has appeared in the year end NHK Red and White Kouhaku Utagassen 4 years in a row. Her album ULTIMATE DIAMOND and single PHANTOM MINDS have captured the #1 spot on the Japanese charts. PHANTOM MINDS is the 11th in a row to enter the top 3 rankings, as she releases one Super Hit Anisong after another. As her special unit with T.M. Revolution in 2013 becomes a hot topic for discussion, her first overseas live has been announced for November in Taiwan.

Notable anime series involved in:
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Dog Days, Senki Zessho Symphogear, Shugo Chara!, Heartcatch Precure!, Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva

Horipro will be featuring several artistes, May'n, Valerie as well as voice actresses Ayaka Ohashi and Azusa Tadokoro on stage.
Make sure you do not miss their performances, exclusively at AFA13.




In 2008, May'n performed as a singing voice of Diva of the Galaxy, Sheryl Norm, in the TV anime "Macross Frontier". She released 2 singles in the same year which instantly became big hits, each placing in the Top 3 on the Oricon Weekly Chart.Since then, all of May'n's releases have consistently entered the top music sales charts.

She also has successful tours and performances both within Japan as well as overseas. In Japan, she has performed at the renowned Budokan on 3 separate occasions. Internationally, she has performed in multiple locations in Asia as well as in Europe to great success.

She fascinates many audiences with her irresistible singing skills and unique voice, continues to be the must-see "New Generation Female Rock Vocalist".

Catch her, along with other Horipro talents, on stage at AFA13!


APC Artiste

Born 14th February. Singaporean.

Valerie was scouted in 2010, at the largest annual Japanese pop culture themed event in South East Asia held in Singapore, "Anime Festival Asia (AFA) debuting as part of Sea*A, Sea*A was selected to provide the theme songs for anime such as "Cardfight! Vanguard", "Toriko", "Arashi no yoru ni: Himitsu no Tomodachi" and "Cardfight! Vanguard: Asian Circuit-hen". In 2013, as a result of new direction for each member in the group, Sea*A was disbanded.

Valerie continues as an solo act as part of the Asian Pop Collective, based in Singapore. Currently, she is the regular emcee for the AFA official YouTube channel's program "WOW JAPAN",

Meet her and other guests, at the Horipro stage event, only at AFA13!

Asian Pop Collective

Ayaka Ohashi


Born 13th September, Ayaka Ohashi is a voice actress managed by Horipro. She has appeared in various anime, with credits in "Eureka Seven AO", "Fantasista Doll" and "Aikatsu!" among others. She is also involved in the mobile game, "The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls", as well as contributing to character song releases related to her character.

She also appears regularly on radio, such as Nico Nico Douga's "Tere Raji" on Hibiki's channel.

Catch this up and coming voice actress at AFA13!

Azusa Tadokoro


Hailing from Ibaraki Prefecture, she won Horipro's 36th TSC Grand Prix (Seiyuu Auditions) in 2011. She has been credited with voicing roles in anime such as "Aikatsu!" and "Karneval". She is also voicing the heroine, Fino Bloodstone, in "Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita".

Aside from anime, she also has a voicing role in the mobile game, "The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls" and regular radio roles on Nico Nico Douga as well as Nippon Broadcasting.

Don't miss her appearance at AFA13!


Horipro is looking for a bilingual emcee for their booth at AFA13!
If you think you have what it takes to host their events at their booth,
please refer to Horipro's selection criteria, and apply today!

Selection Criteria:

  1. Gender: Female
  2. Age: 17 and above
  3. Language ability: Bilingual in English and Japanese with the ability to read, write and speak Japanese.
  4. Schedule:
    7th November: Rehearsal (timing to be fixed, but preferably able to work for the whole day),
    8 - 10 November: Able to work for the entire event.

Special benefit:

Possibility of recruitment into the Asian Pop Collective (APC). APC is the name of the group that the singer of the official theme song of AFA Singapore 2013, the Asian Pop Idol, Valerie belongs to. (Aptitude depends on staff's judgment. There is a possibility that there are no suitable candidates.)


Please submit your applications at the following link : http://www.animefestival.asia/form/view.php?id=86

Selection Process:

Online application inspection: Interview with a staff member from Horipro for shortlisted candidates. Final decision for the selected emcee to enter APC will be conducted separately.

AFA 2013 is proud to bring you an all-rounded experience of this exclusive anime title, "Love Live! School Idol Project"


Seiyuu Apperance!



Special Feature!

Find out more about this title!

© 2013 PROJECT Lovelive!

AFA 2013 is proud to bring you an all-rounded experience of this exclusive anime title, "PSYCHO-PASS"




Special Feature!

Find out more about this title!

© PSYCHO-PASS Committee

©Hajime Isayama,Kodansha/"ATTACK ON TITAN" Production Committee.All Rights Reserved.

AFA 2013 is proud to bring you an all-rounded experience of this exclusive anime title, "Shingeki no Kyojin"

AFA 2013 is proud to bring you an all-rounded experience of this exclusive anime title, "Sword Art Online"




Special Feature!

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©川原 礫/アスキー・メディアワークス/SAO Project

AFA 2013 is proud to bring you an all-rounded experience from "STARCHILD"!




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Golden Time

Find out more about this title!


Hozuki no Reitetsu

Find out more about this title!

© Natsumi Eguchi・KODANSHA/Hozuki no Reitetsu PRODUCT COMMITTEE


Find out more about this title!


Audition for "KNIGHTS OF SIDONIA" Voice Actress!

We are now taking applications for a voice actress to star in Star Child's new anime, "KNIGHTS OF SIDONIA". Preliminary rounds will be held at Star Child's booth in AFA 2013; the final round will held on the AFA stage, starting from 1:15PM on 10th November. The winner of this audition will be invited to Japan to participate in a recording for the anime in January 2014.

The character profile that the winner will voice is as follows:

  • Name: Takahashi Ryouko 
  • Occupation: Aide Controller 
  • Age: 16~18 
  • High-class background. 
  • Methodical, has a pessimist side. 
  • The type of person that only selects work based her preference, but she likes her current one. Her hobby is bouldering (low height free solo climbing).

Procedures to Register for Audition

  1. Prior registrations are now closed. Those interested in the auditons but have yet to sign up may refer to the next clause. Selected applicants will then be contacted via e-mail, and asked to come to the AFA Star Child booth at a specified time
  2. On 8th and 9th November, at 1PM and 5PM, additional auditions will also be held for 45 minutes each. Attendants will be served on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  3. Prepare for your audition using the script provided HERE.

Participation Pre-requisites

  1. 18 year-old female, as of August 2013. Participants who are not of age require parental consent.
  2. Participants should be able to attend Anime Festival Asia 2013 in Singapore from 8th to 10th November 2013 (Selected participants will have to bear their own travelling and accommodation, including entry to AFA).
  3. Only participants who are not currently signed under any record label or talent agency need apply.
  4. Participants should be able to travel to Japan from 6th to 9th January 2014.
  5. Participants should consent to their name and photo on TV/Web/Print media.


  1. Participation in the recording of "KNIGHTS OF SIDONIA" to be held in Tokyo, as well as a visit to Polygon Pictures' studio
  2. Return airfare from winner's country of residence, accommodation and transportation will be provided for
  3. A script signed by the whole cast
  4. ※ No payment will be made for this recording visit.

Important points to note

  1. Tickets for entry to Anime Festival Asia 2013 Singapore will be paid for by the participants themselves.
  2. Full rights to the audio recording will be held by the production company.
  3. Fees for passport and visa applications will be borne by the participants themselves.

AFA 2013 is proud to bring you an all-rounded experience of this exclusive anime title, "Valvrave the Liberator!"






Seiyuu Apperance!



Special Feature!

Find out more about this title!

© SUNRISE/VVV Committee, MBS

The way to make girls "KAWAII".
The way to connect girls in Asia by "KAWAII".

"ASIA KAWAII WAY" introduces Japanese girls' culture as well as
fashion, cosmetics, and contents to other countries in Asia as Cool Japan.

 Japanese "KAWAII" Culture Entertainment Show!

 9 November 2013 from 16:00 to 17:00 on stage

"Marble Wonderland by ASIA KAWAII WAY" is a new Culture Entertainment Show (fashion,dance,cosplay,anime,idol,etc...)
that transmits to the world Japan's "KAWAII" power that has never existed till today througha selection of "KAWAII" from
every aspect of Tokyo Fashion Pop Culture. It mainly focuses on the three areas with unique culture: Harajuku, Shibuya, and Akihabara!

Participating Models!



Akiko Ishikawa


Alodia Gosiengfiao


Hikari Shina


Mayu Koike


Misako Aoki




Natsumi Saito



Participating Artistes!





Hachioji P



After successful appearances earlier this year, AFA's exclusive Atelier Royale Butler Cafe and Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe will welcome you once again to AFA Cafe, a combined cafe experience, here at AFA 2013!

Goshujin-sama and Ojou-sama!
Don't miss this chance to enjoy a most interesting tea session
served by our charming butlers and kawaii maids!

Akiba Town features a large array of exhibition booths selling a large variety of Japan Pop Culture goods, catering to the interests of everyone! Avid shoppers can look forward to one of the largest collection of original anime merchandise from Akiba Town by some of Japan's top brands.

Anime Festival Asia will be hosting the grand and final round of the AFA Regional Cosplay Championship, the most prestigious cosplay competition in South-East Asia! Come watch impressive performances put up by the very best of cosplayers in the region!

Cosplay Singles Showcase will continue in Anime Festival Asia 2013! Cosplayers from all nations, hear our call and join!


Creators Hub is a dedicated with booths selling fan-made merchandise such as bookmarks, posters to doujins. Be awed by the works of passionate local artists and pick up some spoils as well at AFA13's Creators Hub!