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AFA X – It’s all about the experience.

With the expanded offerings and extensive line-up, organisers hope to draw at least 70,000 local and regional visitors over three days, an almost 25% increase from last year.

Anime Festival Asia is to us more than just a convention. It really is at the heart - an experiential platform.  Countless time, energy and huge investments have been put in to plan and craft the experience of every single attendee who will be walking through the doors of the festival.  To us, every bit of interaction with every part of the exclusive content we have for our attendees is really the result of months of careful planning by the committee.  For AFA X, we are looking to create great value by providing the ultimate J-POP Culture experience for our attendees,”
said Mr Shawn Chin, AFA X’s Festival Director and Executive Director of Sozo。

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For General enquiries please contact us:

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