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You don’t need to go to Japan to have your fortune told by the hottest fortune tellers!

Are you ready to meet the popular Japanese fortune-telling group and experience Japan’s current hottest fad?
Introducing NOT FOR SALE, a group of “extraordinary gentlemen”! Three members will be appearing for their first time out of Japan at the Anime Festival Asia 2010! Have your fortune read in more than one style, as each is a master of several fortune-telling techniques, ranging from Tarot cards to Chinese astrology, and Western astrology to palm reading.

Don’t miss up this chance to meet them in person and have your fortune told! Catch them at AFA X!

NOT FOR SALE consists of 7 members including 4 fortune-tellers, 1 MC, 1 DJ, and 1 VJ. Each of the 4 fortune-tellers will read your fortune simultaneously in their own respective style: Western astrology, Eastern astrology, palm reading and Tarot cards. They tell the fortunes of many audience members at once, supported on stage by the DJ’s music and the VJ’s visuals. The MC plays the role of a translator between the fortune-tellers and the audience. They established a salon in Shibuya in 2009 and launched a mobile website in 2010. They have invented new approaches to fortune-telling in an effort to become “creative fortune-telling artists”.

Official Website: http://not-for-sale.jp

Fortune-teller Juno
(Western astrology, Tarot cards and Cabala)
Juno tells fortunes one-on-one in nightclubs in Tokyo as well as at our salon in Shibuya. He also promotes fortune-telling in various media, delivering messages to around 5 million people monthly. Since Juno considers fortune-tellers to be “problem solvers”, he does not feel his activities to be limited solely to fortune-telling. He is the leader of NOT FOR SALE.


Fortune-teller Hoshi (Chinese astrology and Palm reading)
Hoshi gives one-to-one guidance to over 2,000 customers a year in areas of Tokyo like Shinjuku and Aoyama. His careful and simple way of speaking enables him to provide customers with ancient wisdom. He is the most popular fortune-teller in NOT FOR SALE.

Fortune-teller Sugar (Western astrology and Sabian astrology)
Sugar was once a businessman. This experience taught him how to listen to and give advice to his customers like an attentive counselor. Customised, meticulous and logical astrological reading based on his study into ancient philosophy is his major strength. He participated in an international astrology conference in London in 2009. He is a member of the Astrological Association of Great Britain.
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