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Be blown away by JAM Project’s electrifying performance!

JAM (short for Japan Animationsong Makers) Project is a super group that unites the best talents of the anisong world. The main line up consists of Hironobu Kageyama, Masaaki Endoh, Hiroshi Kitadani, Masami Okui and Yoshiki Fukuyama.

JAM Project is a movement that’s inspired by the power and spirit of anime. Broadcasted not only in Japan but all over the world today, anime is the most advanced form of animation. And JAM Project’s aim is to produce songs that are good enough to match the calibre of anime. The only way to achieve this is to bring together the masters of anisong who feel and express the soul of anime from their hearts. The magic that separates these passionate anisong warriors from other artists is the high-spirited power within their vocals that flows into the hearts of fans.

Already having more than 100 songs, JAM Project members also write some of their own songs and are working towards producing their own albums. In 2008, they also toured 8 countries and 10 cities to spread the magic of anisong and anime to fans across the globe. Their next stop, performing as a group for the first time in Southeast Asia, is Singapore at AFA X!

Catch JAM Project live on 13th November! Only at the I Love Anisong concert!

Official We bpage – http://jamjamsite.com

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JAM Project
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