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Presenting anisongs’ most dynamic duo, angela!

angela is the brilliant creation of atsuko on vocals and KATSU on guitar. Their signature upbeat tunes and rich arrangements is a dazzling mix of electronica, dance, rock, swing jazz and ska. angela’s energetic stage presence and stunning performance brings together atsuko’s versatile vocals and KATSU’s multi-instrumental skills, instantly winning the hearts of audiences in big scale international events like Otakon and Sakura-Con.

Both originally from Okayama, they first met in Tokyo while attending music school and formed angela in 1993 as a street band. Everything changed in 2003, when they shot straight to fame with their hit opening theme for the anime Stellvia no Universe called Asu e no Brilliant Road. No stranger to the Oricon Chart, they've enjoyed great success with a string of hits for countless anime titles such as Shangri La for Sokyuu no Fafner and Aoi Haru for Seitokai Yakuindomo.

Catch angela live on 14th November! Only at the I Love Anisong concert!

Official Webpage – http://style-market.com/angela/
Official Blog – http://www.starchild.co.jp/artist/angela/diary.html

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