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Anisong master, the legendary Aniki is back!

With an amazing repertoire of over 1,200 anisongs, Ichirou Mizuki is riding the peak of his fame as the undisputed anisong legend. More affectionately known by fans as Aniki, meaning “big brother”, his Wikipedia entry was also translated into 92 different languages, proving his position as an internationally acclaimed Japanese pop-icon and one of the world’s most famous Japanese personality.

As an anisong pioneer, he debuted in 1968 with the theme song for Genshi Shouken Ryuu, Mazinger Z, Captain Harlock, as well as the big TV hit, Kamen Rider, from its initial series right up till now. In 1999, Aniki even made history by singing 1000 songs within 24 hours! He also collaborated with French DJ Dimitri in 2003 while being ordained the “Anime Song Ambassador” in Paris in 2007. Recently, Aniki performed at the 2010 Shanghai International Exhibition’s CoFesta.

For over 40 years, Aniki has been raising the dreams and hopes of children with his charismatic singing. Today, he continues to pass on the magic of anisongs with his amazing passion and live performances all over the world.

Catch Ichirou Mizuki live on 13 November! Only at the I Love Anisong concert!

Official Webpage - http://www.mizuki-spirits.com/

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